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Statement of Prime Minister of Albania Mr. Sali Berisha on Recognition of Independence of Kosovo

Statement of Prime Minister of Albania Mr. Sali Berisha on Recognition of Independence of Kosovo

Based on Declaration of Assembly of Albania, on October 21, 1991, in compliance with decision of Assembly of Kosovo, on February 17, 2008 for Declaration of Independence, based on the rights of people for self-determination, based on principle of good-neighbourhood relations, I will call tomorrow a Council of Ministers meeting to decide the establishment of diplomatic relations between Republic of Albania and Republic of Kosovo at Ambassador level.

The Government of Republic of Albania considers the creation of the State of Kosovo as a historical event, sanctioning the right of Kosovo citizens for self-determination and makes the Balkans freer and fairer than ever throughout its history of a century. Independence of Kosovo puts an end to disintegration process of Yugoslavia, creates essential conditions for constant development of the entire Kosovan society, including its concrete perspective for quick integration in European and Euro-Atlantic integration. After the Declaration of Independence, the Republic of Kosovo turns into a dignified actor in international arena, major factor of peace and stability in the region, clearly Euro Atlantic-oriented, important factor of peace, stability, security, development and harmonized integration of Southeastern Europe region.

The Government of Republic of Albania hails the commitment of Assembly of Kosovo in Declaration of Independence to implement Ahtisaari plan, as well as invitation to welcome the EU and NATO international, civil and military presence in Kosovo.

Albanian government hails the clear commitment of official authorities in Declaration of Independence of Kosovo for creating a democratic, secular and multiethnic society, where despite ethnic background every Kosovan citizen would feel himself a free citizen in his home and its property, equal before law, guaranteeing protection of rights and freedoms of individual and minorities.

Confirming the full commitment to respect the international borders, the Government of Republic of Albania is determined to deepen and extend the relations of good-neighbourhood, understanding and cooperation relations, historically built and constantly strengthened, with the Republic of Kosovo, institutionalizing the bilateral cooperation, in all fields of mutual interest, by establishing a close partnership.

In this framework, Council of Ministers decides tomorrow to establish diplomatic representation of Republic of Albania in Prishtina, at ambassadors’ level.

The Government of Republic of Albania is convinced that UN member countries will recognize the Republic of Kosovo as another real contribution for peace and security in the Balkans, respecting thus the legitimate will of its people.   
In the meantime, the Government of Republic of Albania confirms its complete will for friendly and good relations with all region countries, including Republic of Serbia, in the European perspective of our countries.

Source: Keshilli i Ministrave - Download - PDF-Datei

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