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Senegal recognizes Kosovo as an independent state

Senegal recognizes Kosovo as an independent state

DAKAR, Feb 19, 2008 (AFP) - Senegal has recognised Kosovo's independence and will back peace efforts in the Balkans, the foreign ministry said Tuesday.

'As with the international community and the Islamic community in particular, Senegal has decided to recognise the new state,' the ministry said in a statement.

Dakar said it will 'lend its support to all efforts aimed at maintaining peace, stability and good relations between the people and the states in the Balkan region'.

Kosovo is dominated by a Muslim Albanian majority which represents more than 90 percent of the population of around two million.

Senegal, a predominantly Muslim country, is next month hosting the 11th summit of the Organisation of Islamic States.

The United States and the main European powers have led international recognition of Kosovo since it declared its independence from Serbia on Sunday.

But Russia, a traditional ally of Serbia, has warned that independence for the province is dangerous and could boost separatist movements around the world.


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