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Passports of Republic of Kosovo

Passports of Republic of Kosovo

The leaders of the Ministry of Internal Affairs made public the data about the process of production of passports of Republic of Kosovo.

Application for Passports of Republic of Kosovo starts

The following is the entire speech of the Minister of Internal Affairs Mr. Zenun Pajaziti in the press conference where he presented the details for the passports of the Republic of Kosovo.

  • The process of production of civilian documents of Republic of Kosovo is close to finalization.
  • Already all needed preparations are made for application into practice of this process.
  • Next week starts the personalization of passports to continue further with the Identity Documents and Driving licenses. 
  • It will be produced four types of passports: Ordinary, Diplomatic, Official and Travel Documents.
  • The validity timeframe will be: 10 years for citizens above 18 years of age, 5 years for citizens from 3 to 18 years of age and 3 years for citizens who has not reached 3 years of age.
  • Application for passport of the Republic of Kosovo starts by the end of this week whereas the equipment starts from the next week.
  • Tax which needs to be paid will be 25 euro, meanwhile we have drafted the Instruction which determines the manner of issuance of Passport with urgency.
  • Passports will be of high quality and security in accordance with the European standards and ICAO.
  • With purpose of offering better services for citizens, the Government of Republic of Kosovo has approved the request of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for extension of working hours in the respective Departments which deals with the production of civil documents.
  • In cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs we have already started the notification of all countries about this process, informing them about the time of production of passports, validity and types and security measures in these Passports.
  • It exists a positive mood in many countries even in those which hesitate to recognize the Republic of Kosovo, to recognize Passports and other civil documents.
  • Pthroughout the entire process, the Ministry of Internal Affairs was in continuous contact with the European Commission who has sent experts to evaluate the entire process and documents to be produced.

Englisch -> Passports of Republic of Kosovo

Albanian -> Pasaportat e Republikës së Kosovës

Serbian -> Pasoši Republike Kosova

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