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Internet Explorer 8 Desktop Security Guide

Internet Explorer 8 Desktop Security Guide

This paper provides an overview of the default settings for many of the security and privacy features in Internet Explorer® 8 including both new features and enhancements to existing features. The purpose of this document is to provide IT Administrators and Professionals recommendations on policy settings which may offer increased security and privacy controls based on their network infrastructure, company policies and the industry in which they operate. The following file is available for download from the Microsoft Download Center:

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Internet Explorer 8 Desktop Security Guide Overview

  • Internet Explorer 8 offers users more protection than previous versions of the browser through a combination of new security and privacy features, and changes for more secure default settings. In keeping with the need to balance security and usability, the default values for these new features and settings have been configured to offer the best choice for a broad range of users.
  • This white paper examines some of these new features and settings that you can modify to provide a more "locked down" security configuration. This paper does not provide a complete review of all settings, nor is the guidance in it specifically equivalent to the Enhanced Server Configuration for Windows Server® 2003 or Windows Server® 2008. The settings and features this paper discusses offer additional security guidance for the broadest impact on most users and administrators.
  • This paper discusses both the Windows Vista® and Windows® XP versions of Internet Explorer. Administrators and system owners can use the guidance in this paper to tighten security settings in the browser to meet their specific needs. The document is structured to provide a description and review of the settings and features the paper discusses. Microsoft recommendations for enhancing the default security settings in some common deployment scenarios are also provided.
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