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Iceland recognizes Kosovo as an independent state

Iceland recognizes Kosovo as an independent state

Following Kosovo's declaration of independence on 17 February 2008, the Government of Iceland has decided to recognize it as a sovereign and independent state, though the timing has still to be decided. Security and stability in the region must be a priority, particularly in light of the violence and conflict which have devasted the lives of hundreds of thousands.

Kosovo's declaration of independence spells out clear obligations to respect human rights and the rights of minorities. It is imperative that this obligation be honoured. Iceland regrets that a solution based on the Comprehensive Proposal of UN Special Envoy Martti Athisaari was not achieved and strongly believes that a permanent solution to reconcile the different views of the Kosovo-Albanians and Serbs must be found. It is, therefore, crucial that the international community continue to support reconstruction in Kosovo and work towards a lasting peace in the Balkans.

Due to the unique circumstances of Kosovo, recognition of its independence cannot be viewed as a precedent.

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