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Hungary recognizes Kosovo as an independent state

Hungary recognizes Kosovo as an independent state

The Government of Hungary at its session on 19 03 2008 decided to recognize the independence of Kosovo and requested the Minister of Forg. Affairs to submit a proposal to the President of the Republic of Hungary on establishing diplomatic relations with it.

In the course of the past months, Hungary, together with other member states of the EU and NATO, has been continuously assessing the situation in Kosovo. It has become clear that the status quo in Kosovo was unsustainable and moving forward in the settlement was necessary for the lasting stability and development of the region. It has also become evident that there was no optimal solution acceptable to both sides, and the potential for further negotiations had been exhausted.

Similarly to the views expressed by the majority of member states of the EU and NATO, the Government of Hungary has come to the conclusion that Kosovo’s internationally supervised independence may offer the best way-out of the crisis. At the same time, the Government reaffirmed that resolving the status of Kosovo constitutes a sui generis case that does not set any precedent for other unresolved conflicts. The Government considers it of utmost importance that the principles and values laid down in the Ahtisaari plan, i.e. democracy, the rule of law, a functioning market economy and especially the rights of national minority communities are fully implemented. Hungary will follow the implementation of these principles and values within the International Steering Group (ISG) with special attention. The Government welcomes the readiness of the Kosovar leadership to co-operate closely with the representatives of the international community in Kosovo, including the mission of the EU, which is to play a leading role in the post-status settlement in Kosovo. It stresses the importance of the fact that the Government of Kosovo has been pursuing a mature and responsible policy since the declaration of independence and expects this to be continued in the future. Hungary is ready to further contribute to the enhancement of regional stability and security, inter alia, through its participation in KFOR and EULEX.

The Government of Hungary is fully committed to the development of bilateral relations with Serbia, and expresses its conviction that the recognition of the independence of Kosovo should not cause a rupture in this relationship. The Government, at the same time, considers it particularly important that the question of Kosovo does not hamper the development of relations between Serbia and the EU. Hungary, as a neighboring country will make every effort to support Serbia’s progress on the path toward integration.


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