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Operation Allied Force Pilots Down Three Serb Fighters

Allied Force Pilots Down Three Serb Fighters - NATO forces struck more than 40 military targets and shot down three Serb fighters March 24 during the first wave of air attacks aimed at ending the Kosovo crisis. [Mehr]

Photo Library - NATO in Kosovo - 12 June 1999

Photo Library - NATO in Kosovo - 12 June 1999 - Paratroops of the 1st Battalion The Parachute Regiment take cover as they prepare to embark on the Puma Helicopters of 33 Squadron RAF. [Mehr]

U.S. and NATO Objectives and Interests in Kosovo

The U.S. and NATO objectives in Kosovo are to stop the killing and achieve a durable peace that prevents further repression and provides for democratic self-government for the Kosovar people. [Mehr]

U.S. Naval forces participate in Operation Allied Force

The Adriatic Sea, 24 March 1999 - A Tomahawk missile launched in the first strike against Yugoslavia leaves the bow of the guided missile cruiser USS Philippines Sea. USS Philippine Sea was the first U.S. ship involved in strike operations in support of NATO's Operation Allied Force. Mar. 24, 1999. [Mehr]

U.S. Naval Lessons Learned During Operation Allied Force, March-June 1999

Statement of Vice Admiral Daniel J. Murphy, Jr., U.S. NAVY, Commander, U.S. Sixth Fleet, and Striking and Support Forces, Southern Europe. [Mehr]

Lessons Learned from Operation Allied Force - Kosovo

Lessons Learned from Operation Allied Force Kosovo - The review is still underway, but an initial assessment was provided in the prepared joint statement presented by Secretary of Defense William S.Cohen and Gen. Henry H. Shelton, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, before the Senate Armed Services Committee, October 14, 1999. This Web Special provides a summary of some of the key insights derived from the ongoing lessons learned effort. [Mehr]

Jane's Defence - Articles on the Kosovo crisis during March - June 1999

Jane's Defence - These articles on the Kosovo crisis appeared on Jane's Defence Home Page during March - June 1999 [Mehr]

Human Rights Watch - Civilian Deaths In The NATO Air Campaign

From the beginning of Operation Allied Force, NATO and allied government and military officials stressed their intent to limit civilian casualties and other harm to the civilian population. The practical fulfilment of this legal obligation and political imperative turned upon a range of decisions relating to targeting, weapons selection, and the means of attack. [Mehr]

Historic day for Germany - German planes took part in the first strikes

German planes took part in the first strikes. The Nato air strikes in Yugoslavia saw Germany taking part in military combat for the first time since World War II. [Mehr]

UN Final Report to the NATO Bombing Campaign Against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) conducted a bombing campaign against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (FRY) from 24 March 1999 to 9 June 1999. During and since that period, the Prosecutor has received numerous requests that she investigate allegations that senior political and military figures from NATO countries committed serious violations of international humanitarian law during the campaign, and that she prepares indictments pursuant to Article 18(1) & (4) of the Statute. [Mehr]