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Pristina Police Station Holds Tools of Torture - June 18, 1999

What happened in the dank cellar of the Mahalla e Muhaxhereve police station in downtown Pristina remains unknown. The police station has provided the biggest cache of documents yet for investigators with the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia, which has indicted Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic and four senior aides on war crimes charges stemming from the terror campaign carried out by government security forces against Kosovo's ethnic Albanian population. [Mehr]

NATO Peace Force Hastens Into Kosovo - June 12, 1999

NATO troops rolled into Kosovo near dawn today to begin the allied occupation of the shattered province, hours after a convoy of Russian military vehicles stunned Western leaders and apparently even officials in Moscow by arriving here first. [Mehr]

Serb Forces Begin Pullout - NATO Halts Strikes

Yugoslav troops began pulling out of Kosovo yesterday and NATO suspended its 11-week air campaign as the vanguard of an international force, including U.S. troops, geared up on the borders of the battered province for deployment as peacekeepers as early as today. [Mehr]

NATO Declares the Air War Is Over

NATO formally declared an end to its air war against Yugoslavia following the departure of the last Yugoslav troops from Kosovo today, as leaders of the world's seven leading industrial democracies and Russia announced a major effort to rebuild the war-battered Serbian province. [Mehr]

Clinton addresses the nation on Juni 10, 1999

My fellow Americans, tonight, for the first time in 79 days, the skies over Yugoslavia are silent. The Serb army and police are withdrawing from Kosovo. The 1 million men, women and children driven from their land are preparing to return home. The demands of an outraged and united international community have been met. [Mehr]

Text of Clinton´s videotaped address to the Serbian people - March 26, 1999

I want to speak candidly to all Serbian people to explain our reasons for this action and how there could be a quick resolution of the crisis: First, I cannot emphasize too strongly that the United States and our European allies have no quarrel with the Serbian people. [Mehr]

Clinton Adress to the Nation on NATO Airstrikes - March 24, 1999

NATO air strikes on Serbian forces are designed to halt the tank and artillery attack that Federal Republic of Yugoslavia President Slobodan Milosevic is waging in Kosovo on the thousands of innocent and "largely defenseless" Kosovar Albanians, President Clinton says. [Mehr]

Text of Gerhard Schröder Statement on Airstrikes Against Yugoslavia

Liebe Mitbürgerinnen und Mitbürger, heute abend hat die NATO mit Luftschlägen gegen militärische Ziele in Jugoslawien begonnen. Damit will das Bündnis weitere schwere und systematische Verletzungen der Menschenrechte unterbinden und eine humanitäre Katastrophe im Kosovo verhindern. [Mehr]

Text of NATO Chief´s Statement on Airstrikes Against Yugoslavia

March 24, 1999 - A statement by NATO Secretary-General Javier Solana on Tuesday ordering airstrikes against Yugoslavia: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. I have just directed the Supreme Allied Commander Europe, Gen. Clark, to initiate the air operations in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. [Mehr]

U.S. F-117 Stealth Fighter Is Downed in Yugoslavia

Serbian television shows footage of a U.S. plane shot down in Yugoslavia during air strikes against military positions. The footage showed burning wreckage and a close-up of identification marks including the figures AF-806 and insignia reading Air Combat Command. The Pentagon says the pilot was rescued. [Mehr]